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Tarball.png Latest release

The latest release is 3.0.0. It is based on Linux 2.6.30.

Rpm.png Pre-compiled versions

Mandriva RPM packages are available on official Mandriva repositories since 2008.0.

Have a look at for instructions.

Iso.png LiveCD

LiveCD based on Kerrighed 2.3.0.

Virtual.png Virtual images

With the following files, you can get pre-configured images for a virtual cluster. Detailed instructions here

  • (Broken link, please use the VM image below) Qemu/KVM harddisk image, with Debian Squeeze and Kerrighed 3.0.0 (torrent)
  • Qemu/KVM harddisk image, with Debian Squeeze, Kerrighed 3.0.0, and a full GNOME environment (torrent)
  • (Broken link) libvirt definition files for 4 nodes and the network (http)

Tarball.png Old releases