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Kerrighed 2.3.0 release notes

Released on April 25th, 2008.


  • Stabilization of SMP
  • IPV SysV support on SMP nodes
  • Experimental x86_64 architecture


  • Fix uninitialized anonymous memory mapping
  • Limit network bandwidth consumption due to abusive packet retransmissions
  • Fix root user's ability to kill other's processes when they are remote
  • Fix bug in FAF version of recv and recvfrom
  • Fix user-level deadlocks when interrupting read/write operations with FAF
  • Fix build issues on systems having not sh pointing to bash
  • Fix compile error with debugs and debugfs disabled
  • Fix BUG when processes having multi-threaded children have remote children
  • Fix crash when the scheduler attempts to migrate dead tasks
  • Fix compile error on x86_64
  • Fix unpredictable locking behavior due to the use of a wrong prototype
  • Fix memory leak of slab obj_entry.
  • Fix rare close_faf_file BUG during process migration / distant fork.
  • Fix various signal issues in the FAF mechanism.
  • Fix various signal issues in the communication layer.
  • Fix permission checking when sending a signal to a remote task
  • Fix compilation when building kernel with CONFIG_HIGHMEM_64 on x86_32
  • Add support for disabled CONFIG_COMPAT_VDSO option.
  • Fix system V SHM in SMP mode
  • Fix system V FIFO in SMP mode
  • Fix system V SEM in SMP mode
  • Fix craches related to the use of the recvmsg function