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What is Kerrighed ?

Kerrighed is a Single System Image operating system for clusters. Kerrighed offers the view of a unique SMP machine on top of a cluster of standard PCs.

The goals of Kerrighed are ease of use, high performance of applications, high availability of the cluster, efficient resources management, and high customizability of the operating system.

Kerrighed is implemented as an extension to the Linux operating system (a set of modules and a patch to the kernel).

Main targeted features are:

  • Cluster wide process management
  • Support for cluster wide shared memory
  • Cluster file system
  • Transparent Process Checkpointing
  • High availability for user applications
  • Customizable Single System Image features

Supported architectures are:

  • x86-64 with Kerrighed >= 2.4.0
  • i386 / x86-32 / IA32 with Kerrighed <= 2.3.0

Short Kerrighed History

The Kerrighed project has been started by Christine Morin in 1999 at INRIA, the French national lab for research in computer science.

Until 2006, the project has been developped at IRISA in the PARIS project as a research prototype with people coming from INRIA, EDF and University of Rennes 1.

Since 2006, Kerrighed is a community project developed by Kerlabs, INRIA, partners from the XtreemOS consortium and a growing number of contributors.

Get Kerrighed

Latest version is Kerrighed 3.0.0. It was released on June 14th, 2010. It is based on Linux 2.6.30.

  • See Release Notes for the list of implemented features in this version.
  • Installation Notes provides detailed instructions for installation.
  • Packages are available for several distributions. Have a look at Download page .